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A nostalgic large dining room, A place where that atmosphere remains The Marukan Building Dining Room has a seating capacity of 560 people and is located on the 6th floor with a panoramic view of the cityscape of Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture. Marukan Department Store, which opened in 1973, closed in June 2016, much to be missed. At that time, the large diner on the 6th floor also closed, but due to the voices of many fans and crowdfunding, it was revived as the Marukan Building Diner on February 20, 2017. ​ It is operated by Kamichoyamorisha Co., Ltd. with the concept of preserving the taste, interior, tableware, and atmosphere as much as possible since the department store was founded. As a specialty menu of Marukan Building Diner
・"Soft serve ice cream" eaten with chopsticks wrapped in 10 layers (260 yen)
・Spicy starch sauce “Marukan Ramen” (780 yen)
・One plate of Neapolitan, pork cutlet, and salad “Napoli Katsu” (990 yen) And so on. Find your favorite menu!


■Parking information

Please use the following affiliated parking lot near Marukan Building Daishokudo.

①The Park Kamicho parking lot (approx. 140 spaces)

②The Park Marukan Building parking lot (approx. 60 spaces)

Parking Fee

8:00-20:00 30 minutes/100 yen

20:00-8:00 120 minutes/100 yen (maximum 400 yen)

*For every 1,500 yen spent on a meal at the dining hall, we will give you a 100 yen worth of service coupons (up to 300 yen worth).

*Please remember to bring your parking ticket.

■Payment method information

◆Table mobile order

You can use PayPay, LINE Pay, and credit cards.

You can complete everything from ordering to payment directly at your table without having to line up at the register.

◆Manned cash register

 Cash and PayPay payment methods are available.​

■Original goods are also available for mail order at Marukan Building Diner's official online store!  


■We are sending out the latest information about Marukan Building Diner on SNS!



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